Nadia and Nicolas, Montreal

Ago 2019

"We had a great time with Tayana. Sao Paulo is a gigantic city which can be really intimidating for first comers. Our time with Tayana, however, made us feel more comfortable and made us want to learn and see more about Paulista culture and history. She made us go to places we wouldn't have been otherwise and was really keen to share her knowledge and love of the city. She also offered and interesting insight on Brazilian life, which we really appreciated. Tayana is a very kind and generous host who is happy to answer questions and give recommandations! We would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get more familiar with Sao Paulo and its people!"


Julie, Paris

Ago 2019

"I really enjoyed the time I spent with Tayana, she is very natural and spontaneous, doesn’t make you feel like you are on a tour but more like sharing the city and her knowledge. After getting to know her a little bit more I asked if there was any ways to go in a favela to meet with local people and have a different point of view. She organized a full day there, and it was a true unique experience, I could not have wished for a better introduction. We met with a student that lives in paraisopolis, we got to meet locals from the community, artists and people with amazing projects like ballet school, start ups.... I definitely recommend to this tour to give you a different insight on São Paulo, with no prejudice ideas... Go you won’t regret it !!!"


Wellington, Brasília

Jul 2019

"A experiência foi incrível! Tayana é inteligente, atenciosa e muito gentil. Nesse passeio, descobri coisas na Liberdade que dificilmente conseguiria sozinho! Valeu muito a pena pela aprendizagem, pelas descobertas e pela companhia da Tayana. Super indico!!!"


Ernst, Johannesburg

Abr 2019

"Tayana is a great host and a lovely person that makes you feel comfortable. She's very passionate about what she does and it makes one more interested and also brings a nice energy to the tour. The tour is insightful and Tayana teaches you about some history, architecture, culture and local everyday life. She makes you aware of sights and the significance of them that you might not have noticed if you would have walked on your own. Her perspective is also unique as they are sights that she values, not necessarily the most well known or most popular. She's also very helpful and was concerned with our well being."


Saby, Campo Verde

Abr 2019

“Super recomendo esse passeio, além de ser interessante conhecer o bairro, e encantador cada café sorveteria com influência asiática, além de Tayana brindar a você a confiança de perguntar qualquer dúvida e sentir-se bem a vontade no lugar !!"


Sharod, Denver

Feb 2019

“Wow. Totally blown away by the incredible experience and guide expertise of Tayana. Not only is she kind and fun to be around but she is also super informed on all things São Paulo. From my own experience, I’ve learned best way to get to know a city is to be guided by a local and we definitely chose the best one."


José Angelo, Madri

Jan 2019

“Ha sido un enorme placer compartir con Tayana esta experiencia, donde paseamos por algunos de los museos y centros culturales de la Av. Paulista y alrededores. Quedé contagiado de la pasión y el amor de Tayana por su ciudad, que conocimos un poco más, de una forma diferente, hermosa y atractiva. Un gan abrazo, Tayana!!”


Gabriele, Curitiba

Jan 2019

“Passear em São Paulo com a Tayana é completo, porque, além de conhecer e admirar tudo que essa cidade nos proporciona, entendemos a história, os motivos e a troca de experiência entre as pessoas. Além da ótima companhia! Quero repetir, indico e recomendo :)".


Orfeuo, Amsterdã

Dez 2018

"A highly recommended city tour, to kickstart your São Paulo visit. This tour, packed with interesting insights and where you get to see the many highlights and secrets of São Paulo is suitable for just about anyone. Tayana is a highly patient tour guide, who has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of her city. She makes you feel right at home in her city, and she is super helpful. Book this tour it’s more than worth the money and gem packed with perfect photo opportunities."


Lélio, Manaus

Dez 2018

“A experiência de conhecer pontos turísticos de São Paulo fora do contexto comum foi regada a uma ótima conversa e excelente companhia. Tayana realmente ama o que faz e faz tudo com muito carinho.Foi mais que um guia. Aconselho a experimentar todos os pontos sugeridos... e bom passeio!”